Dispatch: Splendid Teapot Racing 2015

A most splendid event was held in conjunction with the Steampunk NZ Mess Dinner at Oamaru on the Saturday 30th in the year of our glorious Queen 2015 at the wondrous Loan and Merc venue, with approximately 250 people in attendance.

It was a night of OOOO’s and ahhha’s, of hysterics, spectacular derailments, notable disqualifications and suspense.

The nights master of ceremonies was Montague Jacques Fromage, the  guest judge was  Dave Lee and of course your very own Countess. Captain Various did his magic with the course and Agent Darling introduced the nights sport.

The Judges and the MC from the left:Dave Lee, my self and Montague
The Judges and the MC
from the left:Dave Lee, my self and Montague

24 valiant and courageous individuals and teams, ranging from 6-ish to Gold Card status, provided the evenings entertainment.  The rigs were all fantastic, original and a lot of work had gone in to their making.

Unfortunately 14 rigs were either just too exuberant for the course and many ‘burst the banks’- of course this means instant disqualification. A couple of rigs were also over the time limit and this means a non-complete.

racing -T Baskerville
Tobias Baskerville-Crowe with the Tetley Tai-Pan

The banked corner – the Corner of Doom is aptly named!!!!

Eight hardy rigs completed the course, ranging in time from a new world sub- atomic speed record of just 0.43 seconds and right to the nail biting wire of 2 mins and 59 seconds!!!!

Of Note:

Ol’ Smokey: chocking out the room with an abundance of smoke

Eye Spy: with its unique point of view

Tea Mouse: who did do an up-skirt and spent the shortest time in the ring

Lordy Mucks real remote controlled steam engine powered teapot

Stanley who broke the sub atomic speeds record

It was a great night!

 the pits- M Webb

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