the Results 2016 Championships

Photo Credit – Liz Cadogan Oamaru


SP Name

Tea pot name From Time Over all placing Placing Class


Placing Class



Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne

STEAMBUS Welly .27 Winner Winner

Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne

Stanley Welly .30s Second Second
Captain Various Snoopy DN .39s Third

Best GGG


Captain Potty

SS TOP POT New South Wales .44s 4th

Furthers travelled contestant


Pedro Dominator

Moroccan Bite Feilding .48s 5th 5th
Dr Zathras Sauvage Time Travelling Teapot CHCH .49s =6th

Tea cosy of Doom

= first

Capt SP

Insp T.Leaf Whangarei .49s =6th =first

Steam Mahouts

Darjeeling Royaltea Express Welly .56 7th

Best Bribe and  First Lady



Lord Lucern Thistledown Pirae Topaet and Driver Rabiraken DN 1.01 8th third
Nicholas Lancaster Scooby Do CHCH 1.39 9th 4th
James Bryan Purple Zeppelin DN 1.41 10th 5th

Captain J. V.

Winston C. Chch 1.55 11th 6th
Gaylene Van Wyk Iron Bess 1.58 12th 7th
David Lamb-Morrow Nightrider CHCH 2.22 13th 8th
Filomina Ironhorse The Assassin DN 2.23 14th 9th
Digitalis C Ellulose Darjeeling Junker Rotorua 2.45 15th 10th

Amelia Dangerfield Trophy

Ricky Alexander Beetle bomb CHCH 3.05 16th 11th
Annicky d’Possome, the Tearantula Jessamine and Ophelia Looseleaf the Tarantula Jessamine ChCh D Most entertaining
Daniel Thompson Manhattan tea pot CHCH D
Roger Smith Landcare Researcher CHCH D
Countess Simona The Steamstress’s Nightmare DN D nastiest
Land Dreadnought Tea Corp Tea-34 CHCH D
Christian Pentecost Brassy Lady of Ill Repute Oamaru D Prettiest
Sam Freeman Sam’s marvellous Jaffa pot CHCH D
Professor M.A.D. Oldport Frankenstein’s Maid Banks Peninsula D Strangest

Ten days to go……

To the fun and mayhem of the International Splendid Teapot Racing Championships.


There are currently 18 entries and a few will be entering on the day. it is helpful  to me if you at least fill the online form out with your details . The link is here.


…..and one tea-cosy entry – yay!!!!!


Carry on – being Splendid! 







You know you want too….here it is…..

When: 4 June Saturday, 3-5 pm racing to start at 3.30pm.

Where : Oamaru Club, 32 Severn Street, Oamaru

Ticket Information: Event finder (link here) or at the door on the day.

  • Adult: $20.00
  • Children : $10.00

120 tickets sold now – still heaps of room and don’t forget our special lounge lizard area for brave little and big people who want to get up close and personal to the action.

Get in amongst it folks,  15 hardy Tepoti entered, plenty of room for more.

There even is a rumor that the Countess herself, is going to have a race. Parents will have to protect their children, ladies will need smelling salts and gentlemen stiff brandy is in order as there will be danger and mayhem.

If you thought Splendid Teapot Racing was fun, wait until you see this……for your eyes only,  the esteemed Colonel Hawthorne will show a  cameo performance of Splendid Teapot sheep herding.

sheep hearding


 Come one, come all, come and join the hilarity and nonsense of Splendid Teapot Racing.

Getting Cosy

I am getting very excited about the new über creative design and build a Tea Cosy for your Rig category, for the SteampunkNZfestival at Oamaru, Queens Birthday Weekend.

In this category I hope you, even if you’re not racing, can make a tea cosy that ‘could’ either cover your own/partners/friends/ assorted small children and Snark’s Rig (imaginary).

Let your imagination run wild, theme it fantasy, Victorian, modern or steampunk.

Here is a bit of inspiration for you.

I can’t wait to see you there with your creations.

The first Seven

I think it is usually the first eleven, but we have our first seven entrants in, for the Splendid Teapot Racing Event at SteampunkNZ Festival Oamaru!!!


A couple of people were so excited that they have entered twice!!!

Well done Tepoti!

Of note, no tea cosy entries yet – 50 bonus points to the first tea cosy entry!!!

Keep up the good work – only 6 weeks to go!!!

Here is the link to register, you can still enter on the day.


The Ramp of Doom Blaster or the Stephen Chapman Device

It appears once in a while, ok, I’m telling fibs, maybe more than that, such a jolly good idea as to make life much easier. On the same level as quantum theory and pull top tab tins, and other things which you just simply fall in love with it and have to have it.

What aStephenm I referring too??

The Stephen Chapman Device.

What is this gizmo?

A supercalifragilisticexpialidociousness of a handy aid for conquering the Ramp of Doom!!!! Believe me, we all need a hand with that monster, from time to time. Who would have thought? The ingenious pleasure of a simple wheel or washer located in such a strategic position.

I really want to thank Stephen for this aid and his championing of Splendid Teapot Racing and his recent success at the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati. This culminated in him knocking out the course in 24 seconds. Wow!!!!! Impressive.

So a giant thank you to Stephen. Huzzah!



I will let the videos tell the successful tale.

You can find them on Stephen’s page and here . Enjoy.




Tea Cosy design Award 2016 at Steampunk FestivalNZ

Announcing a new category for you wonderful and creative people – The Countesses CoozyDoozy Award: design and build a ‘tea cosy’ to cover your rig, it must cover your rig in the standard manner (but does not need a bottom). You don’t have to be racing to enter this category. It will be judged on Saturday 4 June at the Splendid Teapot Racing event @ the Oamaru Club in conjunction with Steampunk Festival NZ.

There are totally no rules it can be as far out or as traditional Victorian as you like – surprise and delight me!

It can be glued, electric, painted, knitted, stitched, welded, laser cut, paper mache, foam, quilted, feathered, camouflaged, fluffy, hard, angular, copper, metal, kinetic etc.


I look forward to seeing all the creations at the Splendid Teapot Racing @ Steampunk Festival NZ, Oamaru .

You can enter here.

Oamaru 2016 International Splendid Teapot Racing Pre Registrations

Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: registrations are now open for International Splendid Teapot Racing at this year’s Steampunk Festival NZ at Oamaru.

We haven’t completely finalised the time – we’re hoping for the afternoon of Saturday 4 June at the Oamaru Club – but we should be able to confirm that very soon.

The registration form itself is here or go here to check the rules first.  Register early – we’re hoping to  give Oamaru’s 2015 record of 24 entries a nasty fright.

And may the best teapot win.  Huzzah!!