Breaking News

Dear All,
After careful consideration, the Captain and I are officially removing ourselves from Running Teapot Racing at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival. We will look to running Splendid Teapot Racing (trademark pending) at another event. We have had a lot of fun running the event at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival and hope you have had fun with us. Watch this space as we will let our fans know when we run out next event complete with TLeaf sponsorship.
Sincerely yours
Simone and Norm.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Hello, from the other side of the World, where we hang on to the roots, swinging between them to keep from plunging into Oblivion!

    Splendid Teapot Races are still happening in the Massachusetts League. The COVID Plague is just one more obstacles for us Intrepid Splendinauts to overcome.

    We have been running Virtual Splendid Teapot events with Splendid Teapot USA, DragonCon, and at this year’s Arisia with Splendid Teapot Massachusetts. Check us out of Facebook!


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