2017 Steampunk NZ Festival – Oamaru Results

What a fantastic day, thank you to all, especially our sponsors. there are more photos on the Splendid Teapot Racing Facebook page.

Award Recipient
The Amelia Dangerfield Trophy for Overall Splendidness S Hambles

Sophie McDuff

Most splendid Family/ Team


Sneakthief Family

Ava, Matthew, and  Jake Williams

The Speed and Agility Race:


Captain Various Miscellaneous Bitsandpieces

Norm Riley 54 seconds

The Drag Race: Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne
The Tea Cosy of Splendidness:


Baroness Violet Von Vixen

Vicki Purple

Most Splendidly Attired Lady:


Flight Captain Lady Sapphire Devereux

Denise Savage

Most Splendidly Attired Gentleman:


Major Reggie Iceburg

Ray Meadows

Judges Discretion: 


Lord Thurso

John V. Freeman

Most spectacular SNAFU of the Day:


Parthenia Heston-Carter Jones

Benedicte Lockner

Racing Times
Names Times Placing
Captain Various Miscellaneous Bitsandpieces 54 seconds First
Lord Otto 1.04 Second and first junker home
Dr Zathras Sauvage 1.21 third
Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne 1.25 fourth
Captain Mortlake

Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne

1.32 Fifth equal
Jasper Sneakthief 1.42 sixth
Steam Smythe Jr 1.53 Seventh and first U15 home
Nicholas Lancaster 2.29 Eighth
Flight Captain Lady Sapphire Devereux 2.55 Ninth

6 thoughts on “2017 Steampunk NZ Festival – Oamaru Results

  1. It would be great if there was some prizes for the U15 category. The kids put just as much effort in as the oldies. 🙂


  2. Hi Karen, Yes, that is a fair comment. This was the first year we have had that many kids – which was wonderful to see. The Family prize does cover part of this. This was also the first year that we have ever had prizes, there certainly can be some tweaking.


  3. Yes your running of 2017 was a big step up from 2016 with every way you ran things. Better photos., compare was great, prizes more variety, now you will get more sponsership, for this event,you had better communications and a strong follow up of results. Well done team a very fine effort indeed !


    1. Thanks, John, I appreciate your comments. Yes, we did much better, we took on board a lot of the feedback that we had from last year and changed a few things which paid off. I am glad that you enjoyed the afternoon. We do have to carefully maneuver around the prize’thing’it’s not a strong value of Splendid Teapot Racing. What we are encouraging is in the spirit of Donna Rose: accessibility, participation, encouragement, audience engagement and fun. we hope to see you next year. The emphasis will be on improving audience visibility for next year.


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