Judges Bribes – a Fine Art

The 2014  inaugural Splendid Teapot Race was also where the very first much appreciated judge’s bribe occurred. This was from Krakens Lair and unfortunately their performance was so inexcusable that even the bribe did not make up for it!  How ever, if there was (not really) any blame to be laid, Krakens Lair would have to be responsible.I am jolly glad they did, we do encourage this sort of behaviour and extra points are awarded for ingenuity, originality, general silliness and importance to me of the bribe.

 Self- esteeming Prose
Self- esteeming Prose
For me chocolate scores very highly as does original prose, handmade items and clever items of ingenuity. The aim for a bribe is not to be expensive or an exclusive bauble or bottles of wine. If the bribe fits in with the general theme of the team then all the better.  I have received Land Deeds to Cities, poems, shiny bits of brass and copper handy stuff, bacon and egg pie and short bread. Did I mention chocolate?

Deed of Title
The aim again is about fun and participation and a bit of performance. The best performance that we had was at Cuba Dupa February 2015 and the ATC Mark 1 Family Team from Lower Hutt  recited a Decree and presented the judges with shortbread.


Their rig was rather spectacular it was a tank style , it had a turret that spun around, with a teapot on top. The tank had a trailer with a tea cup and saucer and for the grand finale the tank erected itself and the teapot would pour a cup of tea. How is that for ingenuity – it is no wonder they received the certificate for excellence.

So in a nutshell Bribes are meant to be  fun and light hearted- a bit of koha (gift of appreciation) for the mahi (work) the organiser / judge puts in to bring this event to you.

One thought on “Judges Bribes – a Fine Art

  1. I bribed the Judges with a Teaspoon this year. All the way from Corfe Castle , in England, via the Opshop in Dunedin. There where some spectacular bribes tho….I forgot the Chocolate! Note to Self: must remember Chocolate for next year 😊

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