the Results 2016 Championships

Photo Credit – Liz Cadogan Oamaru


SP Name

Tea pot name From Time Over all placing Placing Class


Placing Class



Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne

STEAMBUS Welly .27 Winner Winner

Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne

Stanley Welly .30s Second Second
Captain Various Snoopy DN .39s Third

Best GGG


Captain Potty

SS TOP POT New South Wales .44s 4th

Furthers travelled contestant


Pedro Dominator

Moroccan Bite Feilding .48s 5th 5th
Dr Zathras Sauvage Time Travelling Teapot CHCH .49s =6th

Tea cosy of Doom

= first

Capt SP

Insp T.Leaf Whangarei .49s =6th =first

Steam Mahouts

Darjeeling Royaltea Express Welly .56 7th

Best Bribe and  First Lady



Lord Lucern Thistledown Pirae Topaet and Driver Rabiraken DN 1.01 8th third
Nicholas Lancaster Scooby Do CHCH 1.39 9th 4th
James Bryan Purple Zeppelin DN 1.41 10th 5th

Captain J. V.

Winston C. Chch 1.55 11th 6th
Gaylene Van Wyk Iron Bess 1.58 12th 7th
David Lamb-Morrow Nightrider CHCH 2.22 13th 8th
Filomina Ironhorse The Assassin DN 2.23 14th 9th
Digitalis C Ellulose Darjeeling Junker Rotorua 2.45 15th 10th

Amelia Dangerfield Trophy

Ricky Alexander Beetle bomb CHCH 3.05 16th 11th
Annicky d’Possome, the Tearantula Jessamine and Ophelia Looseleaf the Tarantula Jessamine ChCh D Most entertaining
Daniel Thompson Manhattan tea pot CHCH D
Roger Smith Landcare Researcher CHCH D
Countess Simona The Steamstress’s Nightmare DN D nastiest
Land Dreadnought Tea Corp Tea-34 CHCH D
Christian Pentecost Brassy Lady of Ill Repute Oamaru D Prettiest
Sam Freeman Sam’s marvellous Jaffa pot CHCH D
Professor M.A.D. Oldport Frankenstein’s Maid Banks Peninsula D Strangest

2 thoughts on “the Results 2016 Championships

  1. So, I take it that D means Disqualified. Having 8 entrants disqualified out of 24 seems a bit excessive for a Fun event.i propose that disqualification be reserved for only very serious misdemeanours, and not for minor things, like straying over the boundary. It can be a serious disgrace to be out on your first Teapot Race and be Disqualified in front of all your friends !


    1. Hi Alec, thanks for the comment, I have thought about what you have suggested and if you can hold the attention of people for a whole day, then, by all means, let people continue to race and take as long as they like and have as many goes as they want. At Oamaru, we have one and one-half hours to get the show done and dusted. So I propose that we continue as we have for the last 3 years and in the manner prescribed in the rules at an event that has 20 plus entrants. Timing is important, otherwise, the audience gets up and leaves out of boredom and squiggly kids. As this is as much a spectator sport as a competitor sport their contribution and engagement is important. A few rules never hurt anyone and the rules are applied or not to differing situations. I.e. we may give extra time to an assisted living person or a junior, but not to someone who has had their 5 assists and out of bounds.Thanks.


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