tLeaf T is sponsoring STR

Professor Phoenicea Carwardine and I arrived independently, at the same time, at our destination. Tonight we were not cloak and dagger secret agents, but two ambassadors of splendidness, indeed, none other than Splendid Teapot Racing Splendidness. Our destination was the delightful tleaf T Shoppe on Willis St, Wellington. Who are the major prize sponsors of Splendid Teapot Racing at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival 2017.


A delightfully visually rich space filled to the brim with colour, smells and pattern. Light citrus and rose petal notes mingling with bright oranges and rich reds and fine bone china gold leaf. A sensual embracing cocoon of sumptuousness and luxury, a space that draws you in and you don’t want to leave. At least not without some delicious and quality product.


Shaz, tleaf T ninja, [ in reality, a drummer in a heavy metal band…I didn’t pick that one] met me at the people travelator and whisked me off to the shop, where the always punctual Professor was waiting. We met  Kate, tleaf T guru,  who magically concocted us a delicious brew of ginger quince tea and gave us a tour of the premises. This tea was so delicious that the countess left with some of this brew in her clutches.


joined 2
Shaz (left) and Kate (right) face off with Snoopy.


So what were we doing there?

We were there at their express invitation to accept an extremely generous and exciting offer from tleafT for the sponsorship of the Splendid Teapot Racing event at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival 2017. What does this mean for contestants? That there are … prizes for winning a section at the racing. Beautiful prizes. We are so excited and thankful to Tleaf for this expression of splendidness.

So, who is tleaf T?  tleaf T is the home of New Zealand’s most exciting range of teas and infusions from around the world.


CEO John

Twelve years ago tea lovers John and Amanda Van Gorp noticed a gap in the market.
Over several years John and Amanda travelled all over, visiting exotic tea gardens and creating relationships within the global tea trade to bring the world of tea to New Zealanders.



joined 3
pretty things


With over 8 million cups of t Leaf T brewed every year, and more than 160 teas and infusions packaged, and hand blended at their HQ in Petone, they remain devoted to the increasing demand for a good cuppa, and the significant value of tea moments. You can shop online and in their Dukes Arcade Store in the heart of Wellington. They encourage you to experience different infusions through smell and taste, explore the rich history of tea with their enthusiastic team and above all else, enjoy!


Because they, as do we, believe: Tea is important.

Whakawhetai tLeaf T! Some lucky people are going to win some beautiful product.

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