2017 Prize List: lots of lovely things.

It gives the Captain and me the greatest pleasure to be able to announce the most exciting news since the Darlings, La Falconesse Lady Steampunk Helen and Agent Darling, said, “Yes, we believe in you – go ahead … race teapots!”. We have been offered sponsorship from a wide variety of institutions for the 2017 Splendid Teapot Racing series. It is our great pleasure to list them here – with links.

prize 1 2017

The Amelia Dangerfield Trophy for Overall Splendidness.

The Amelia Dangerfield Foundation and tLeaf T shop have pulled together to offer a wondrous prize:

  • The Amelia Dangerfield Trophy and $100.00 cash from the Foundation
  • Zente Blue Tea Pot, Tea Scoop, Kawakawa Fire Tea, NZ Breakfast Tea, Berrylicious Tisane from tLeaf T
  • A bottle of Moet
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum

A total value of $250.00


Prize 2 2017

Most splendid Family/ Team

A Value of $200.00


Speed prize

The Speed and Agility Race:

  • GT Subatomic Venom Trophy – dedicated to the Cog of Speed
  • Bodum Travel Press and Sencha Tea from tLeafT
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum


Prize drag race

The Drag Race:

  • A “New tLeafT” Trophy – dedicated to the Cog of Fun
  • Chambord Red Teapot  and Choco Chilli Tisane from tLeafT
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum
  • AND – to any competitor racing in drag – a bottle of bubbly


prize tea cosy

The Tea Cosy of Splendidness:


Prize Female

Most Splendidly Attired Lady:



Most Splendidly Attired Gentleman:



Most spectacular SNAFU of the Day:

  • The most [highly] sought-after Tea Cosy of Doom
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum


Prize judges fancy

Judges Discretion: ( for something that tickles their fancy)


Each winner will get a medal to mark this important occasion and a certificate. If you’re keen to enter, please link in here.

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