More Fun From T Leaf T

Aethogram from T Leaf T :
Tea Lovers – we need your help!
With much applaud and excitement, we are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Countess Simona as a sponsor for Splendid Tea Pot Racing NZ at the Steampunk Festival 2017!
But with such a fun opportunity comes great responsibility! We need to come up with an awesome name for the New t leaf T Trophy which will be given to the winner of the Drag Racing event – considered the ‘cog of fun’ for the race.
We would love your ideas and if your suggestion is chosen, a little prize pack will be coming your way!
To put forward your splendid idea simply comment in this post. ( you may need to scroll dow the page a bit to get to the post)
A couple of our staffs ideas… (to get your brain juices going):
t leaf T Smokin’ Earl Trophy
t leaf T Veloci-tea Cup Please go to the T Leaf Page to comment and win!
Huzzah T Leaf T! For the glory of Splendidness – Thank you.013

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