More Fun From T Leaf T

Aethogram from T Leaf T :
Tea Lovers – we need your help!
With much applaud and excitement, we are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Countess Simona as a sponsor for Splendid Tea Pot Racing NZ at the Steampunk Festival 2017!
But with such a fun opportunity comes great responsibility! We need to come up with an awesome name for the New t leaf T Trophy which will be given to the winner of the Drag Racing event – considered the ‘cog of fun’ for the race.
We would love your ideas and if your suggestion is chosen, a little prize pack will be coming your way!
To put forward your splendid idea simply comment in this post. ( you may need to scroll dow the page a bit to get to the post)
A couple of our staffs ideas… (to get your brain juices going):
t leaf T Smokin’ Earl Trophy
t leaf T Veloci-tea Cup Please go to the T Leaf Page to comment and win!
Huzzah T Leaf T! For the glory of Splendidness – Thank you.013

2017 Prize List: lots of lovely things.

It gives the Captain and me the greatest pleasure to be able to announce the most exciting news since the Darlings, La Falconesse Lady Steampunk Helen and Agent Darling, said, “Yes, we believe in you – go ahead … race teapots!”. We have been offered sponsorship from a wide variety of institutions for the 2017 Splendid Teapot Racing series. It is our great pleasure to list them here – with links.

prize 1 2017

The Amelia Dangerfield Trophy for Overall Splendidness.

The Amelia Dangerfield Foundation and tLeaf T shop have pulled together to offer a wondrous prize:

  • The Amelia Dangerfield Trophy and $100.00 cash from the Foundation
  • Zente Blue Tea Pot, Tea Scoop, Kawakawa Fire Tea, NZ Breakfast Tea, Berrylicious Tisane from tLeaf T
  • A bottle of Moet
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum

A total value of $250.00


Prize 2 2017

Most splendid Family/ Team

A Value of $200.00


Speed prize

The Speed and Agility Race:

  • GT Subatomic Venom Trophy – dedicated to the Cog of Speed
  • Bodum Travel Press and Sencha Tea from tLeafT
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum


Prize drag race

The Drag Race:

  • A “New tLeafT” Trophy – dedicated to the Cog of Fun
  • Chambord Red Teapot  and Choco Chilli Tisane from tLeafT
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum
  • AND – to any competitor racing in drag – a bottle of bubbly


prize tea cosy

The Tea Cosy of Splendidness:


Prize Female

Most Splendidly Attired Lady:



Most Splendidly Attired Gentleman:



Most spectacular SNAFU of the Day:

  • The most [highly] sought-after Tea Cosy of Doom
  • Free entry into the Dunedin Gasworks Museum


Prize judges fancy

Judges Discretion: ( for something that tickles their fancy)


Each winner will get a medal to mark this important occasion and a certificate. If you’re keen to enter, please link in here.

tLeaf T is sponsoring STR

Professor Phoenicea Carwardine and I arrived independently, at the same time, at our destination. Tonight we were not cloak and dagger secret agents, but two ambassadors of splendidness, indeed, none other than Splendid Teapot Racing Splendidness. Our destination was the delightful tleaf T Shoppe on Willis St, Wellington. Who are the major prize sponsors of Splendid Teapot Racing at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival 2017.


A delightfully visually rich space filled to the brim with colour, smells and pattern. Light citrus and rose petal notes mingling with bright oranges and rich reds and fine bone china gold leaf. A sensual embracing cocoon of sumptuousness and luxury, a space that draws you in and you don’t want to leave. At least not without some delicious and quality product.


Shaz, tleaf T ninja, [ in reality, a drummer in a heavy metal band…I didn’t pick that one] met me at the people travelator and whisked me off to the shop, where the always punctual Professor was waiting. We met  Kate, tleaf T guru,  who magically concocted us a delicious brew of ginger quince tea and gave us a tour of the premises. This tea was so delicious that the countess left with some of this brew in her clutches.


joined 2
Shaz (left) and Kate (right) face off with Snoopy.


So what were we doing there?

We were there at their express invitation to accept an extremely generous and exciting offer from tleafT for the sponsorship of the Splendid Teapot Racing event at the Oamaru Steampunk Festival 2017. What does this mean for contestants? That there are … prizes for winning a section at the racing. Beautiful prizes. We are so excited and thankful to Tleaf for this expression of splendidness.

So, who is tleaf T?  tleaf T is the home of New Zealand’s most exciting range of teas and infusions from around the world.


CEO John

Twelve years ago tea lovers John and Amanda Van Gorp noticed a gap in the market.
Over several years John and Amanda travelled all over, visiting exotic tea gardens and creating relationships within the global tea trade to bring the world of tea to New Zealanders.



joined 3
pretty things


With over 8 million cups of t Leaf T brewed every year, and more than 160 teas and infusions packaged, and hand blended at their HQ in Petone, they remain devoted to the increasing demand for a good cuppa, and the significant value of tea moments. You can shop online and in their Dukes Arcade Store in the heart of Wellington. They encourage you to experience different infusions through smell and taste, explore the rich history of tea with their enthusiastic team and above all else, enjoy!


Because they, as do we, believe: Tea is important.

Whakawhetai tLeaf T! Some lucky people are going to win some beautiful product.

Cuba Dupa 2017

On March 25, 2017, a splendid group of Steampunkers (collective noun yet to be settled upon) assembled at Cuba Dupa in Dixon St, Wellington, to Splendidly Race Teapots (STR). The race occurred after a very spectacular and noisy parade from Ghuznee St down Cuba Mall to the racing arena. This marvellous Steampunk event was organised by the awesome members of Capital! Steam and extra race track pieces were purloined from Steampunk Taranaki.

The combined obstacles resulted in the nose hair withering double Ramp of Doom making its first appearance, yes, you heard it correctly the DOUBLE Ramp of Doom (DRoD). The DRoD was a darsedly and devious adaptation to the wacky races and caused a considerable amount of consternation (especially in the middle bit).


Making its first grand appearance was Capital! Steams Victoria’s Bells a stunning little number made by the talented Martyn and succeeded in snagging a few rigs – the ones that attempted U-turns.  Making a significant impression on the Captain and I was, Steampunk Taranaki’s wibbly wobbly bridge with the additional reminder of danger,  a Monty Pythonesque skeleton at the base. So enamoured with the potential of this obstacle, that, the Captain and I are in serious negotiations to recreate this for Oamaru.


There are some standout honourable mentions of peculiar antics in a spectacular day of fun and frivolity, notably the spectators who enjoyed all the usual thrills and spills of STR.  An estimated 1000 people of the 100,000 strong crowd stopped and viewed the racing, we very much congested the street.


Professor Phoenicea Carwardine and I enjoyed first-rate bribery which was again of a superb standard.  The Steam Mahouts did themselves proudly and provided the very best Royal Darjeeling sweet tea and sweets.  There were lashings of chocolate, quince pears and assorted shiny bits, all very much appreciated.  Some bribes were essential, especially to cover up such unexpected events such as heads rolling off…..

JC Hortense
Hortense St George – who lost her head! ( the tea pot not the driver) – photo credit Jane Craven 

The stand out contraption of the day, complete with mini me was, of course, Kat Douglas’ Splendid mobility device, the Katmobile.  While the Katmobile (the larger) disgraced its self in an attempt to manoeuvre on the course, the mini-me clone did not.  In the skilled hands of Neave R Willoughby, mini-me performed quite satisfactorily.

Neave Willoughby in the Katmobile, attempting the course while the judges were not looking! Photo credit – Jane Craven 

The good Colonel Hawthorne driving the Snark Cooker took some obstacles with him for a small drive. The professor and I were momentarily worried that this would result in a disqualification for breaching height restrictions but breathed a collective sigh of relief as the “Snark” unhooked itself and emerged unscathed.

The valiant Captain Various also rearranged the Chasm of Death on the course, but as co-inventor of STR, we thought he could take liberties. However  Snoopy didn’t like the wibbly wobbly bridge.

Special mention to the splendid efforts of our younger drivers who totally embodied the spirit of Splendid Teapot Racing – Huzzah!


The SuccessfulCandidates 2017

(VOUCHER Clockwork Steampunk Emporium) Most entertaining: Spencer – Driver: Prof. Joules Ampere, Steampunk Taranaki

(VOUCHER Clockwork Steampunk Emporium)  Best racing round: Ateapotosaurus traxas wellingtonia – Driver: Lord Edmund, Wellington

Most splendid: Pavel Peacock – Driver: Lady Watsonia Victorious! Ohms, Steampunk Taranaki

Most splendid teapot: Elliot-Hawthorne Snark-Cooker – Driver: Colonel Hawthorne, Capital! Steampunk

Best Bribes: Royal Darjeeling Express – Driver: Steam Mahouts, Capital! Steampunk

Best driver: Hank the Tankpot – Driver: Lord Theadore Rupert Beardaton, Steampunk Taranaki

Best under 20: Ulster Fusion – Driver: Colonial Boy, Wellington

Best Themed Teapot: Mini Pot – Driver: Neave R. Willoughby, Steampunk Christchurch

Colonel’s Award for Splendidness:

Orion, Greytown

Colonel’s Award for Teapot Sheepdog Trials: Lord Edmund, Wellington


All in all a splendid day. Thank you


the Results 2016 Championships

Photo Credit – Liz Cadogan Oamaru


SP Name

Tea pot name From Time Over all placing Placing Class


Placing Class



Col. Sir Julius Hawthorne

STEAMBUS Welly .27 Winner Winner

Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne

Stanley Welly .30s Second Second
Captain Various Snoopy DN .39s Third

Best GGG


Captain Potty

SS TOP POT New South Wales .44s 4th

Furthers travelled contestant


Pedro Dominator

Moroccan Bite Feilding .48s 5th 5th
Dr Zathras Sauvage Time Travelling Teapot CHCH .49s =6th

Tea cosy of Doom

= first

Capt SP

Insp T.Leaf Whangarei .49s =6th =first

Steam Mahouts

Darjeeling Royaltea Express Welly .56 7th

Best Bribe and  First Lady



Lord Lucern Thistledown Pirae Topaet and Driver Rabiraken DN 1.01 8th third
Nicholas Lancaster Scooby Do CHCH 1.39 9th 4th
James Bryan Purple Zeppelin DN 1.41 10th 5th

Captain J. V.

Winston C. Chch 1.55 11th 6th
Gaylene Van Wyk Iron Bess 1.58 12th 7th
David Lamb-Morrow Nightrider CHCH 2.22 13th 8th
Filomina Ironhorse The Assassin DN 2.23 14th 9th
Digitalis C Ellulose Darjeeling Junker Rotorua 2.45 15th 10th

Amelia Dangerfield Trophy

Ricky Alexander Beetle bomb CHCH 3.05 16th 11th
Annicky d’Possome, the Tearantula Jessamine and Ophelia Looseleaf the Tarantula Jessamine ChCh D Most entertaining
Daniel Thompson Manhattan tea pot CHCH D
Roger Smith Landcare Researcher CHCH D
Countess Simona The Steamstress’s Nightmare DN D nastiest
Land Dreadnought Tea Corp Tea-34 CHCH D
Christian Pentecost Brassy Lady of Ill Repute Oamaru D Prettiest
Sam Freeman Sam’s marvellous Jaffa pot CHCH D
Professor M.A.D. Oldport Frankenstein’s Maid Banks Peninsula D Strangest

Ten days to go……

To the fun and mayhem of the International Splendid Teapot Racing Championships.


There are currently 18 entries and a few will be entering on the day. it is helpful  to me if you at least fill the online form out with your details . The link is here.


…..and one tea-cosy entry – yay!!!!!


Carry on – being Splendid! 







You know you want too….here it is…..

When: 4 June Saturday, 3-5 pm racing to start at 3.30pm.

Where : Oamaru Club, 32 Severn Street, Oamaru

Ticket Information: Event finder (link here) or at the door on the day.

  • Adult: $20.00
  • Children : $10.00

120 tickets sold now – still heaps of room and don’t forget our special lounge lizard area for brave little and big people who want to get up close and personal to the action.

Get in amongst it folks,  15 hardy Tepoti entered, plenty of room for more.

There even is a rumor that the Countess herself, is going to have a race. Parents will have to protect their children, ladies will need smelling salts and gentlemen stiff brandy is in order as there will be danger and mayhem.

If you thought Splendid Teapot Racing was fun, wait until you see this……for your eyes only,  the esteemed Colonel Hawthorne will show a  cameo performance of Splendid Teapot sheep herding.

sheep hearding


 Come one, come all, come and join the hilarity and nonsense of Splendid Teapot Racing.